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At CAPITAL INVEST, we provide top sell-side financial M&A advisory services, aiming at maximizing the value of your Brazilian company or branch

Selling a firm or branch, whether totally or partially, is one of the most relevant decisions that a group of partners can face.

Among the reasons that lead to the decision of total or partial sale of a company or branch can be: succession, change of sector, relationship among partners, seize a market opportunity, generate resources for other investments, strategic change, cash out, disinvestment, country exit, etc.

During the sales process, it is fundamental to maintain confidentiality with employees, suppliers and customers.

It is also very important to properly price the company or branch located in Brazil, through a formal “valuation”.

CAPITAL INVEST’s sell-side consulting work includes supporting our client, through all necessary steps, in a professional and competitive process that maximizes the value of the firm or branch located in Brazil. In addition to hiring the financial consulting services of an Brazilian M&A boutique, you will need the legal sell-side M&A advisory services of a local good law firm with experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions in Brazil.

Sell-Side Financial Advisory Services

CAPITAL INVEST, as a top Sell Side M&A Advisor, will implement a professional and competitive sales process of four stages, the result of decades of experience that will optimize the value of your Brazilian company or branch:

  • Prepare the society to be sold (documentation, valuation and structuring).
  • Present the documentation to the investors with the highest potential (typically more than thirty), in Brazil and abroad (road-show).
  • Explain the advantages (synergies) for these investors, and negotiate with them simultaneously, in a competitive process that optimizes the value of the transaction.
  • Follow-up the process by providing financial support during due diligence and during the contractual negotiations until the signing of the sales and purchase agreement.

By hiring our Sell-Side Financial M&A Advisory Services to evaluate and sell companies, and hiring the legal sell-side M&A advisory services of a law firm specialized in mergers and acquisitions, our client can market its Brazilian branch, project, asset, company, business group or corporation at the best market value.

CAPITAL INVEST’s executives, experienced consultants specialized in buying and selling operating companies or branches located in Brazil, add up to more than R$20bn in mergers and acquisitions along more than two decades.

As a result of our experience in financial consulting in M&A, knowledge of diverse sectors, global presence, and partnerships in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia, we support our clients throughout all stages of the process to evaluate and sell the shares of a company or branch located in Brazil to ensure the success of each transaction.

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Diego Dutra


Este conteúdo foi elaborado pelo time de especialistas da  CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors, assessores financeiros com até 40 anos de experiência em compra, venda e valuation de empresas.

At CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors, we financially advise on mergers and acquisitions of mid-size firms (annual revenues between € 5 million and € 500 million, approximately R$20 million – R$2 billion), with a focus on multinationals investing in Brazil. We also provide consulting pre-deal services aiming at mapping, screening and prioritizing acquisition targets, and corporate finance services, including valuations.

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