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Buy Side Advisory

CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors, one of the top M&A Boutiques in Brazil, provides a top-of-the-class financial advisory services aiming  at maximizing the return / risk ratio of the investment of your acquired firm. On top of this, we combine advisory and consulting expertise, to offer you consulting services to deliver a market survey necessary to provide and prioritize potential targets.

Sell Side Advisory

At CAPITAL INVEST M&A Advisors Brazil, as a consulting firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Brazil, we provide top “Sell-Side M&A Advisory Services”, aiming at maximizing the value of your company: from helping to prepare your firm for sale, until the “signing:, including the “valuation“, the “road show” with investors in four continents, and coordination of the Due Diligence.

Corporate Finance

CAPITAL INVEST’s M&A Advisors Brazil, have deep expertise and experience on the corporate finance methodologies taught at the top Business Schools and employed by the most admired Investment Banks and M&A Boutiques worldwide. We develop the financial models necessary to valuate companies, and adapt the models to the specific needs of our clients, including, if necessary, the synergies that the acquirer will later experience.

About CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors Brazil

CAPITAL INVEST’s executives, financial advisors specialized in firm’s mergers and acquisitions in Brazil, with solid values and reputation, add up to more than R$ 20bn in mergers and acquisitions over more than two decades. As a top M&A Boutique in Brazil, most of the transactions in which we have been advising involve a multinational acquiring a company in Brazil.
Thanks to our profound experience as Financial Advisors in M&A Brazil, and our deep knowledge of the local market, we advise along all the steps of the process of a merger or an acquisition in Brazil to ensure the success of the acquisition for all parties involved.
For multinationals willing to enter Brazil via acquisitions, by combining our advisory and consulting expertise, we provide a unique, top of the class, consulting service to deliver a pre-deal market survey in order to map and prioritize the best available targets in one specific market segment.

How to get in touch?

At CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors Brazil, we advise with a focus on corporate finance/ valuation, purchase and sale of firms in operation, with gross annual revenue between R$ 20 million and R$ 2 billion.
Most of the transactions in which we have been advising involve a multinational acquiring a company in Brazil.
We financially advise on every step of the M&A transaction assisting in acquiring a firm in Brazil, including pre-deal market mapping and target prioritization (in order to help our clients choose the best targets, through a thorough background, reputation and strategic fit check ), valuation, local negotiation, assistance to make a win-win Non Binding Offer, local coordination of the Due Diligence and corporate finance guidance to the lawyers during the legal signing.
We will be happy to schedule a visit to our office located in the financial center of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Our Experience

CAPITAL INVEST’s executives, have financially advised in mergers and acquisitions in Brazil for over 2 decades, adding up to more than R$ 20bn in over 50 transactions. Most of those transactions involve a multinational acquiring a firm in Brazil.

This experience covers the main sectors and industries of Brazil: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, industry, agriculture, mining, paper, oil, gas, services, wholesale, retail, franchising, energy, health, technology, cosmetics, infrastructure, chemicals, steel, agribusiness, food, ports, renewable energy, wind farms , small hydros, hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation, laboratories, drugstores, IT, internet, etc.

Transactions by Sector


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Executed Transactions


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Years of M&A Experience

At CAPITAL INVEST – M&A Advisors, we financially advise on mergers and acquisitions of mid-size firms (annual revenues between € 5 million and € 500 million, approximately R$20 million – R$2 billion), with a focus on multinationals investing in Brazil. We also provide consulting pre-deal services aiming at mapping, screening and prioritizing acquisition targets, and corporate finance services, including valuations.

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