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CAPITAL INVEST - Top M&A Financial Advisors in Brazil - Mergers and Acquisitions Boutique

What is CAPITAL INVEST - M&A Advisors in Brazil? How can we help to acquire a firm in Brazil?

CAPITAL INVEST, based in São Paulo, Brazil, financially advises in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions regarding acquisitions of Brazilian firms, assets or projects. Our expertise is M&A Brazil.

The executives of CAPITAL INVEST have an accumulated M&A experience of over R$20bi over the last 15 years. Most of the transactions we have been assisting involve a multinational acquiring a company in Brazil.

Thanks to our profound experience as Financial Advisors in M&A Brazil, and our deep knowledge of the local market, we advise along all the steps of  a merger or acquisition process in Brazil to ensure the success of the acquisition for all parties involved.

We financially advise on every step of the M&A transaction assisting in acquiring a company in Brazil, including market mapping and target prioritization, valuation, local negotiation, assistance to make a win-win Non Binding Offer, local coordination of the Due Diligence and financial guidance to the lawyers during the legal signing.

We have deep local experience in many sectors in M&A in Brazil including: energy , health, IT, pharma, manufacture, distribution, drugstores, hospitals, healthcare, biotechnology, industry, factory, production, chemicals, beauty, health, wind farms, hydro, thermal, coal, generation, energy, small hydro, Hydroelectric, hydro power, oil, gas, utilities, mining, alumina, gold, bauxite, iron, metals, precious, diamonds, technology, SAP, IT, saas, Outsourcing, telco, agri-business, agriculture, forest, soy, plantation, sugar cane, eucalypt, land, services, restaurants, food, nutrition, etc.

Invest in Brazil: Health, Pharma. Invest in Brazil: agribusiness, agriculture, natural resorces. Invest in Brazil: energy, renewable, wind.

How to acquire a company in Brazil? How "M&A Brazil" buy-side works?

For example, when advising on an acquisition mandate, as a first step, our client - typically a Brazilian, European, North-American or Asian Investor - habitually hire our "pre-deal" or "market phase" consulting services to map the potential market and prioritize the targets that add more synergies to its entry strategy. Our unique structured M&A Brazil approach, result of over 15 years acquisition experience, allows our clients to focus scarce financial and human resources on the top targets only, diminishes the risks of "surprises" during the due diligence, and ensures that a top target is effectively acquired.

Once the acquisition company target is defined, and the "deal phase" initiated, we provide our client with all the necessary corporate investment banking financial advisory services along every M&A acquistion step, including: target's valuation, structuring, negotiations, advise to prepare a win-win Non Binding Offer, coordination of the Due Diligence along with auditors and lawyers (to avoid any conflict of interests, we do not provide any legal or auditing service), advise to propose a formal binding offer, and financial and structuring support to the lawyers during the contractual negotiations leading to the signing.

M&A Brazil. How to acquire a company in Brazil.

How can we help on selling a Brazilian business? How "M&A Brazil" sell-side works?

We also provide M&A financial advisory services to owners of Brazilian firms, assets or projects. We typically devise a competitive M&A deal process with the goal to maximize the sale value. This M&A deal selling process tipically includes valuation, structuring, international road show, negotiation of non binding offers, and financial and structuring support during the due diligence and legal negotiation leading to the signing.

Invest in Brazil: mining Invest in Brazil: logistics, ports, infra-structure Invest in Brazil: IT, technology

How can you contact us?

For more information on how we can help you to acquire a company in Brazil, please contact us at: It will be a great pleasure to schedule a meeting at our premises located at the main financial center of São Paulo, Brazil.